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E6 – The Glorious Revolution

Today we talk about the penultimate Stuart monarchy in the UK and what some say is the last successful invasion of the British Isles. If you remember we spent some time talking about Charles II a few episodes back who had become increasingly unpopular during his reign, with plots, assassinations and a rowdy parliament being a thorn in his side. James, had also become increasing unpopular through Charles’ reign, but Charles was now dead and James was still unpopular… and now King as well.

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[Transcript] Tractatus de Ponderibus Mensuris

By Consent of the whole Realm the King’s Measure was made, so that an English Penny, which is called the Sterling, round without clipping, shall weigh Thirty-two Grains of Wheat dry in the midst of the Ear; Twenty-pence make an Ounce; and Twelve Ounces make a Pound and Eight Pounds make a Gallon of Wine; and Eight Gallons of Wine make a Bushel of London; which is the Eighth Part of a Quarter.

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